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  • What exactly is online casino gambling?
  • How does the online gambling work?
  • Why should I gamble in an online casino?
  • Is it legal to bet online?
  • Will I be arrested for placing bets on-line?
  • Why there are online casinos that do not accept bets from US or Canadian citizens?
  • Is there an age restriction to gambling online?
  • How do I know where to play?
  • Do online casinos cheat?
  • How do I download an online casino and start playing?
  • Online casino gambling and Macintosh users
  • How can I play for real money?
  • How do I get paid?
  • Is Blackjack card counting can work online?
  • What exactly is online casino gambling?

    There are now more than 1800 different online casinos on the Internet. All of them offer classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and the traditional casino games we know from Las Vegas and other real ‘walk-in’ casinos.

    But be warned – some of these online casino sites are far from honest and trustworthy and you should be careful how you choose the site that you are going to play on. Don’t choose the first online casino gambling site you find on the net. Take good look around first. There are sites which are operated by respected and honest companies and these can be trusted .

    You should stick to some of the big online casino software brands. For example online casinos produced by the casino software provider Cryptologic can be trusted. Cryptologic is a Nasdaq stock exchange listed company – so online casinos using their software can probably be trusted. Casino software from Microgaming, Boss Media, RandomLogic and Playtech are well respected casino software brands that you can trust .


    How does the online gambling work?

    You download the casino software onto your computer – or you could try a ‘no- download’ version of the software. Then you install the casino program onto your hard disk and register as a new player and open your gambling account. You can usually choose whether to play for free or play for real money .

    If you decide to play for real money – you make a deposit into your account using your credit card or by some other means of cash transfer. If you gamble and win and want to withdraw your winnings you go to the website’s cashier or bank and request to cash-out. They will then send you a check with your winnings, by wire transfer, or check or in the manner you choose. There is a site called Neteller.com account which is free to open and which handles the transfer of funds

    Apple/Mac users may not be able to play in online casinos that offer a downloaded version of the casino software unless they have the install program called "virtual PC". Downloaded software has to be installed before one can play. Mac users can play using the ‘no-download’ versions of the online casino software. Most online casinos offer both the download and no-download versions of the casino software. Mac computer users should look for the ‘no-download’ version of the software, usually called the Flash Casino version, or simply a ‘no-download’ casino version .

    Why should I gamble in an online casino?

    There are many advantages of gambling in an on-line casino as compared to the traditional casinos such as:

    • They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • You get the casino software for free.
    • There is no "dress-code" – it is entirely up to you what to wear while you play. You can play dressed or undressed anyway you feel.
    • Online casinos have a higher payout percentage than most other gambling offers.
    • Online casinos have great competitions frequently and make all sorts of promotional offers to their players. Most of the online casinos will give a new player a bonus to welcome them as they sign up.
    • You can play for fun and practice your gambling skills before you decide to wager for real money. Just click at the button ‘Play for fun’.
    • You can have your winnings mailed to your home address or have the money wired directly into your bank account.

    Is it legal to bet online?

    It depends a great deal on where you are living. There are no records of anyone getting into trouble because they have gambled online even though it was illegal to do so in the state or country where they live. However if anyone does get into trouble it will be the casino owner and not the online gambler.

    You should know that the online casinos will automatically block your access when you try and open an account with them if there are laws that stop them from accepting wagers from you.

    Will I be arrested for placing bets on-line?

    Most unlikely. There are no "crack downs" on people betting online. There are several states in the US that have passed laws for online bettors, but most laws prohibit the accepting of bets and not the placing of bets. Most of the betting laws are aimed at the casinos, not the casual player.

    Why there are online casinos that do not accept bets from US or Canadian citizens?

    Because they are scared that they may be breaking some law unknown to them or even their own licensing agreements. Many casinos don’t accept bets just to be on the safe side and to avoid possible prosecution. It’s in their own best interests not to accept these bets. But there are many online Casinos that do accept bets from US and Canadian citizens.

    There are actually no federal laws that enables the prosecution of online bettors. But there are laws that prohibit online casinos from accepting bets. So casinos tend to obtain their licenses in countries where it is legal. Some states have passed legislation. They are: California, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. They all have some form of law that prohibits online gambling. The best way to find out is to check with your local legislators if it’s legal for youto gamble online. You could call up your local police department and see if you can get a ruling.

    This is relevant only to would-be gamblers who live in the United States. Each country has its own laws; in the UK online gambling is quite legal. In Germany the situation is similar to the US. So you are advised to check before you start.

    Is there an age restriction to gambling online?

    Strictly speaking, yes. Generally you have to be 18 or older to gamble or play for real money. Some places even want you to be 21 before they will allow you to place bets.

    However, if you are not 18 you can play for fun at most online casinos.

    How do I know where to play?

    Online casinos abound on the internet. There are hundreds of them and each day new ones are launched. Learn all there is to learn about the online casino you chose to play in. There are companies and websites whose main business is checking on the online casinos.

    It is recommended that you do the following when looking for a casino site to play in: Is the casino licensed in a sovereign government? If not, look for another casino. If yes, proceed to the next item.

    Does the site have a toll free customer service number that is answered 24 hours a day? If not, look for another casino. If yes, proceed to the next item.

    Does the casino allow you to play for free? This gives you the chance of checking out their software before you spend any money. If they do not, look for another online casino. If they do, proceed to the next item.

    What is this casino’s smallest denomination for use in their poker and slot machines? They should offer a wide range of denominations, such as nickels, quarters, dollars and five-dollar machines.

    Do they have different types of video poker machines? They should have at least three. This tells you that the operator has spent serious money on software. Stay away from casinos that have only one version of video poker.

    Is there software on the site or a link on the site where you can see if they keep track of your purchases and cashouts?

    What is the customer service at this online casino like? In order to find out send them an email with a question and see how long it takes for a reply to arrive. Auto-responder answers do not count!

    Do online casinos cheat?

    Generally speaking most online casinos are honest. They pay out and they do not cheat with the odds. Online casinos have the house edge and the fact that not all online gamblers play good gambling strategies works in favor of the casinos, so they do not have to cheat to make money. This is quite enough for the casinos to make a profit. Running an honest online casino is a good business. The few dishonest online casinos get less and less business as the bad news travels on the Internet.

    But still you shouldn’t play at just any online casino, because there are some dishonest online casinos using rigged software.

    It is recommended that you play only at online casinos from the major online casino software brands like Cryptologic, Microgaming, Boss Media, Playtech, Odds On or at online casinos that you have been recommended to try out from a third party that you trust .

    Many people are nervous of gambling online. Because of this some online casinos have contracted with independent accounting or actuarial firms to perform monthly audits of their log files to verify that everything is fair and honest. Such an audit is not a guarantee of fairness or honesty, but it’s a good indicator that it is. It is recommended that you play only in casinos where the payouts are reviewed.

    How do I download an online casino and start playing?

    Go to the casino’s home page. Look for "Download". Click on it and you will asked whether you want to save the Program File or the Start File on your own computer. Be sure to save it where you can find it again the next time you want to gamble on line. The easiest is to set up a folder or file called "Casino." Inside this folder or file set up a second file that you should name "Setup." This will provide you with an overview of all your downloaded casinos.

    Now you save the file you have just downloaded in the folder or file you have selected: give it its original name e.g. "Aladdins_Gold" (Aladdins Gold).

    Downloading should not take more than 10-15 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file in being downloaded.

    If required key in your correct email address. Some casinos are in the habit of sending out a "key," which you will need in order to access the installation program.

    Once the file has been downloaded and you see the message saying ‘File successfully downloaded” you will have to run the program (e.g. "Aladdins_Gold") from the folder or file that you saved it in.

    Double click on the icon which the program has placed on your Desktop screen and this should initialize the installation program.

    Different casinos will have different methods of installation but all will be similar to that described.

    If the file that you downloaded is only a start file, the program will now download the remainder of the casino software.

    You will be asked to tell the installation program where you want the casino installed. If you have set up a folder or file for Casinos, put this new file here and then click NEXT. Now simply follow the instructions of the installation program. It is relatively simple.

    When the installation program has finished you are ready to register.

    To begin with you have to register with the casino. Click on "NEW PLAYER" or "NEW USER", whichever comes up on the screen as you go in to the program. If you are going to play for money, click on PLAY FOR REAL or PLAY TO WAGER. Otherwise click on PLAY FOR FUN.

    Assume you are playing for real money

    Now complete the registration form by filling in all the fields asked for.

    You will be asked for a Username and a Password, unless the Casino supplied these to you automatically. Write down the Username and Password you choose.

    Now you will be asked to log on and send money. This may be a requirement in order to receive the advertised bonus.

    Now select the way in which you are going to transfer the money. Select the CASHIER or BANK function. In order to register your credit card, click on REGISTER CREDIT CARD.

    You will be asked for the 3-digit code that appears on the back of your credit card in the "Security Code" field. The three numbers that you need to note down are the ones that you find at the end of the long combination of numbers.

    Now you are ready to gamble.

    Online casino gambling and Macintosh users

    Most casino download software is designed for PC’s. Mac users can also play at online casinos, but they will not be able to use the download version of the software. This is not a major problem because most of the online casinos have other versions of their software

    A ‘Download’ version of the casino software and a “No-Download” version of the casino software.

    One of these versions will allow the Mac user to gamble.

    The other possibility for Mac users who really want to use the can actually also use the “Download” version of the software is to install a program called "Virtual PC" which in fact converts your Mac into a PC.

    Most online casinos who use online casino software from "Microgaming", offer the software in a no download version. If you are a Mac user and want to try some “No- download” Poker rooms, these may be more difficult to find. The excellent online poker room called "Pokerroom" is a “No-download” poker room which allows Mac users to play poker online.

    How can I play for real money?

    You must first deposit money into your account in the casino. Most online casinos accept credit cards, checks, money order, wire transfer or Neteller, to enable the transfer of money. Credit cards are the simplest and quickest way to get started. They allow you to start playing immediately and you won’t have to wait while checks are cleared in banks. Some would-be gamblers may not succeed in using their credit cards to purchase chips because of the laws in some jurisdictions. Neteller, a cash transfer system is fast and easy to use. Any money you may win will be returned to you, at your request, by the casino to your credit card, your Neteller account, or by check. Other recommended methods of transferring money to the casino, if you are living in USA, are Neteller, Firepay or Prepayed ATM..

    How do I get paid ?

    Usually, you will be paid in the same way you sent your deposit to the casino. Most casinos will pay you for your winnings within a week. If you made the deposit with a check or money order the casino will send your winnings and your original deposit by check. If you made your deposit by credit card the casino will credit your card with the amount of the deposit plus your winnings.
    If you win more than your deposit, many casinos will automatically send you a check for the difference. Some may even FedEx the check. You should be sure to understand the casinos’ paying procedures before making your first bet. This will be found in their Terms and Conditions section.

    Could I become addicted to online gambling?

    Is Gambling Compulsive? You can certainly become addicted to playing in online casinos. It is recognized as an illness and is called compulsive or addictive gambling. There are people who suffer from an uncontrollable desire to gamble. They cannot stop and don’t understand that they have lost control of their gambling habit. They should seek help before they ruin their and their family’s lives. There are clinics to assist people suffering from addictions and they are found all over the US. Here professionals try to addicted gamblers back to a normal life. There is also an organization to be found at www.gamblersanonymous.org

    Is Blackjack card counting can work online?

    Card counting is difficult and not as rewarding as it is made out to be. If it was a foolproof way of making money everyone would be doing it.
    Most online casinos shuffle after every hand, especially when using a single deck. There are no statistics but online Blackjack players appear to agree that card counting doesn’t work. There is nothing to stop you counting the cards or even using a computer to back you up while you play. Nobody knows what you are doing. Players recommend using the basic blackjack strategy chart.

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